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Fox 45 In the Morning: Pork Chops & Grilled Peaches

By Kate
on Aug 11, 2018

How to make going back to school, a little easier on YOU parents!

Thank you Gabrielle Payne for coming to hang out and cook with us LIVE this week. We explored ways to get healthy dinners on your table, with much less stress! 

CLICK below to watch our Back To School LIVE at Kate's Plate Segment!

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.48.39 PM


Call out the most important elements of the visual. Include “Tweet this!” links that mention key points and vital takeaways from your visual.

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I'm Kate and I love food.

Ex-medical professional turned entrepreneur. Home birther. Boy mom. Baseball wifey. Crazy passionate about helping others navigate medical advocacy and a natural lifestyle. 


  • Food should be real, from the earth
  • Life is beautiful and meant to be shared
  • Start before you're ready... :) 

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