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Cooper's Cookbook

By Kate
on Aug 23, 2018


My husband and I are super blessed to have two little boys, ages four and one.

Cooper is the older one and boy, does he like to cook! Well...he is like his mama and he sure loves to EAT. :) So naturally, he was interested in what I was up to in the kitchen. He grew up with this food business we call Kate's Plate. I founded it when he was just 10 months old!  He always watching recipe testing, going with me on a zillion trips to the grocery store, all the fun markets, doing food photography, and eating our creations. He's been through the trial phase, around the shop during build-out, and is pretty much considered our part-time employee. Sometimes, I can even get him to mop the floors (well, try to anyway - moms of four year olds, can I get an amen?!)

It started with him as a baby, playing the pots and pans, whisks and wooden spoons. 

Then came making 'pretend soup' of the wildest names. Boy were those delish. 

Then came with the experimental 'recipes' with real ingredients. He would mix things in a bowl like a mad scientist and name his creation. We had to pretend to taste those (!!!) 

Helping with family dinner was the next natural step, and I got him up on the stool to help. Often messy, but how else do they learn?

Then, I asked him if he wanted to make a few recipes on his own...WOW he was EXCITED!  Kids LOVE testing their independence.

So with that...Cooper's Cookbook was born.

We can't wait to share them with you and bring you along on our tasty, messy, adventurous food journey to cooking confidence. 







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